i started the 1st day of my fast today and i felt great. i love the empty feeling i got from just drinking water all day, but i did get a headache and almost everytime i sat up too fast black dots swam infront of my eyes. is my iron too low or something? iono but hope and love too all you girls and guys.

bored out of my mind
sooo bored nothing to do. i thought being by myself would be fun but its so depressing. i wish my sister was here and not going to hawaii, i miss her already and shes only been gone for 9 hours. i miss my nephew and singing to him, o god im crying.

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hi my names faith and im ana. have been since i was 10. my reason for being the way i am is because my family is obese and my friends would laugh at me when i ate something. needless to say i have tried to become normal but i cant. so anyone who wants to talk hit me up...


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